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The Amber Nutritionist is a community built from the ground up by visionary Ghostwriter Farhan Ahmed, who has been writing for more than 10 years in the Health, Diet and Fitness niche. 

After helping out hundreds of clients all across the globe through Upwork and Fiverr, Farhan and his team have decided to embark on a new journey through The Amber Nutritionist, a blog dedicated to helping people all around the world by providing them with accurate, thoroughly researched information on Health, Fitness and everything in between. 

Our mission is to create a community where people everywhere, regardless of their race, culture or preferences, can feel safe and stick around to learn how to be the very best version of themselves!




Farhan Ahmed

Farhan Ahmed

Founder And Content Lead


Jahanara A Sathi

Co-Founder And Lead Fitness Guru

Ahmed Shahriar

Ahmed Shahriar

Lead Idea Generator And Crab Addict

Featured Team Members


Dhara is the literary pillar who has handcrafted more than half of the contents of Amber Nutritionist. She is a Savant with words and can deal with almost any topic whatsoever! 

Zarin T Dhara

Content Expert


Salman is one of the most dedicated and hardworking member of the team. His Research and Analytical skills are second to none. He helps The Amber Nutritionist with his knowledge of the real world and tackles articles that require a more complex architecture.

Sheikh MD Salman

Research And Analytics Guru

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